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RN, Esthetician, Reiki Master

Clear Complexions specializes in the use of the original Phyto-Bio-Energetic Microcurrent Machine from France; Bio Visage PBE. This system has been proven effective in Europe and America in achieving “Facial Lift” and dramatic acne and skin healing. Results are IMMEDIATE & CUMULATIVE! I am constantly amazed at the results I see occurring before my eyes!


Anti-inflammatory treatments are essential for true healing and repair of the skin, resulting in skin that has the ability to retain youthful vibrancy and function.


Adjunct modalities can enhance results when added to the Microcurrent Treatments. Clear Complexions offers a Vitamin Infusion treatment which includes additives specific to the needs of the client’s skin. L.E.D can increase efficacy of product penetration and overall health of the skin.


Weather you need to slow the aging process, repair sensitive and damaged skin, or combat acne, Clear Complexions offers services that can be customized for your specific situation. Home care protocols are offered to help accommodate the process.


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