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Rachel worked in the health care industry for over 20 years, as a Registered Nurse, Child Birth Educator, Reiki Healing Touch Practitioner/Teacher. Since 2006, she has focused on Holistic Therapeutic Skin Care, which targets skin restoration and balance.

Rachel’s first experience with energy medicine was through St Charles Medical Center. This inspired Rachel to become a Reiki Master because of the profound impact she saw with this type of work. She then began incorporating Aromatherapy with Reiki using pure, organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Rachel Collins

RN, Esthetician, Reiki Master

Looking for a change in direction, but not wishing to leave health care completely, Rachel saw an opportunity to meld her talents within the Spa industry. It was an opportunity to continue being the Nurse/Educator and Energetic Healer, while providing holistic skin care. After graduating from the Cosmetology program, she researched product lines and modalities used in skin care. During this period of investigation, Rachel was introduced to the Mansard Phyto-Bio-Energetic Microcurrent Machine, which impressed her because of the results she could SEE and FEEL. The science behind this machine made sense and this ‘treatment’ still had the ‘feel’ of a relaxing European Facial. The product lines she carries, work to continue the benefits you receive from a treatment into your daily skin care protocol.

This Microcurrent Machine lifts and tones the muscles in your face and neck, and it tones skin as well. It increases Oxygen in the skin, giving you a healthy glow. It facilitates healing, so it is fabulous as a pre and post surgery treatment if you are considering any facial surgery. You can literally look 10 years younger!

This machine is very powerful for Acne healing as well. Coupled with the correct home care regime, you WILL see improvement in the health of your skin. These results are immediate and cumulative, so you just keep getting better with each treatment you receive.

Continued research in the field of skin care has enabled Rachel to partner with progressive skin care product companies with the same goals; to continually improve your skin health. Focusing on non-inflammatory procedures and goal specific home care.


COME! Let Rachel show you how good your skin can look and feel! Rachel’s commitment is to the health and beauty of your skin. She would love the opportunity to educate you on your skin care needs, and on her home care product lines. Her goal is to continue to learn through continuing education opportunities and to pass her knowledge on to you, her client.

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